Custom Polo Shirts

Boost business with custom polo shirts and stand out from other local businesses that don’t have custom uniforms.

Having your own custom polo shirts is like telling people you’re successful and you have lots of business, rolling from that it gives customers the impression that your business is trusted and will boost returning customers.

You have two choices when it comes to custom polo shirts, you can either get your logo embroidered or you can have a design printed. Polo shirt embroidery is by far the most popular product. It covers everything from small business uniforms to large corporate uniforms.

Custom Polo Shirt Small Business

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24 Hour Polo Shirts¬†offers a special deal where you can purchase your polo shirts and have your logo embroidered for as little as $15 per shirt with a minimum order of 24 garments. This is excellent of you’re a small business that has between 3 – 12 staff members as you can offer two shirts to your staff.

What will you need?

You will need to know what style of polo shirt you would like. There are so many different styles and 24 Hour Polo Shirts has so much to choose from.

24 Hour Polo Shirts is apart of the 24 Hour Merchandise group and are official distributors for brands such as:

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Polo Shirts Embroidered Logo Custom Sydney

Sometimes having your own uniform for your local business adds that little touch that makes you look more professional. In retail it’s annoying to try and find who is working there when it’s casual. Having a uniform allows customers to know who is a consumer and who actually works there. For example I like wearing black t-shirts which makes eating in restaurants extremely painful when someone calls me over to get them a drink. If only all the staff could be noticed with the restaurants logo embroidered on the front.


Polo shirts might only be noticed in Sydney because of those people living in St Leonards wearing pink polo shirts and having their collar up (see picture above), but that’s not where it stops. There is actually a very good use for polo shirts for work as they’re comfortable, have excellent air flow to reduce sweat and can be quite tough when washing out stains.

Sydney Polo Shirts

Machine embroidery services are excellent and cost effective as they allow individuals to select embroidery patterns from a wide range of options onto their favorite embroidered clothes. This means that your custom logo can be embroidered onto a polo shirt to give that professional feel you were searching for.

Check out 24 Hour Merchandise for all your Polo Shirts in Sydney and Embroidery services. You can also have the option of screen printed polo shirts, image transfers and having sporting numbers.

Polo Shirts Sydney

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